Making and Playing Bagpipes
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Grosser Bock

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Grosser Bock Empty Grosser Bock

Post  Stu Wed Nov 07, 2012 7:30 pm

I have been working lately on a Grosser Bock, German great pipe. I finished up with the drone yesterday, hemped her up and popped in a highland bass drone reed. What an amazing low sound! I popped it into one of my other single drone sets, Just had to. The drone was so tall that it scraped the 8 foot ceiling in my living room so I dropped it down to rest on the ground. It hung at about a 45 degree angle and rested on the cow horn at the business end. Even with the wrong chanter in it, it was quite the sound. My wife walked into the room and chanted RICOLA! Eluding to the alpenhorn in the cough drop commercial.
I just have get some more finish onto the chanter, reed it up and start tuning. Can't wait to hear what it will sound like.

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