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Flexi drive tool. Empty Flexi drive tool.

Post  Bob Salter on Thu Apr 21, 2011 3:05 pm

Im considering buying a flexi drive tool with a heavy duty handpiece. The handndpiece has 6mm collet. I would mount the handpiece in a vice in the vertical slide of my metal lathe and use it for slotcutting drilling toneholes and for cutting key seats.
Does anyone have any opinions on this method? Is there maybe a better way?


I have thought about something very similar to this. I've seen quite a few setups that used this method. Do you have a picture or website link to the tool your considering? I have one that attaches to my air compressor and works very well as a milling device, but it only holds bits made for it, not drill bit, etc. Mainly, it takes dremel tools. Seth
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