Making and Playing Bagpipes
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The anual question

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The anual question Empty The anual question

Post  Bob Salter Thu Mar 08, 2012 7:00 pm

So what is everyone up to then? Ive been away from pipemaking for much of the past year after a series of unfortunate events in my personal life. A couple of weeks ago I went out and made a new set of reamers for a D chanter. Preliminary tests indicate that these are rather good but I will report back after the weekend. I really need to get into keymaking in a big way now, I will be starting in on regulators soon and I have a northumbrian set lying waiting for keys. Might be nice to finally finish them. Anyone looking to make northumbrian sets need look no further than our very own Marcus Gaebels excellent videos on youtube, just search for pipensacks channel and all will be revealed. If you need drawings then Mike Nelson has complete and detailed instruction on his machine concepts website [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
What is everyone else up to?

Bob Salter
Bob Salter

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The anual question Empty Re: The anual question

Post  Stu Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:53 am

Sorry, noticed this thread some time back, but was waaaaay to busy working at the time and let it slide.
I recently finished up two sets of double chanter pipes. One pitched in F alto the other in A an octave above. I'll have to remember to post a photo later to show them. The F led to having a grand time with 1% silver pewter, I think it has a great look to it. Playing the things on other hand.. What a bear it is trying to move both hands at the same time after 40 odd years of only moving one at a time on my single chanters! I'll be doing a video, but not til I can make a remotely decent sound.
Next project on the pipe frontier is a set of grosser bock. I have several paying projects on the strings side to get done though. I'll fit the bocks in during those to keep from going nuts. Perhaps finished those by summer.


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