Making and Playing Bagpipes
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some impressive stuff for sale there...

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some impressive stuff for sale there... Empty some impressive stuff for sale there...

Post  Yuri Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:44 pm

"Due to physical limitations I am planning to offer a very significant portion of my uilleann piping materials for sale. I wanted to see if there is, in fact,
any interest on this small forum before I go to other venues.

I am basically offering the following for sale:

1. Half set of uilleann pipes by Michael Hubbert ( ebony,brass and boxwood ).
2. Approximately ten tutor and music books
3. Over 50 Cds of Uilleann pipe music
4. A very large collection of reed making tools and cane
5. All 4 volumes of NPU "The Art of Uilleann Piping
6. Jim Wenham D chanter in blackwood
7. Leather L and M Uilleann bag with stocks by David Quinn

Please PM me if interested."

All of this found on Bob Dunsire forum, in case you haven't noticed. In the Smallpipe and others section.

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