Hi folks, I'm stuffmaker

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Hi folks, I'm stuffmaker Empty Hi folks, I'm stuffmaker

Post  stuffmaker on Fri Jul 15, 2011 3:35 pm

I am stuffmaker and I found something on the yahoo groups page that I thought may not have been shared, recently.

Plastic, is plastic essentially, whether resin cast or hot formed or chemical poured. It's still plastic.

If you have a plastics company near you you could turn chanters or whatever out of nearly any plastic just to see if it would tone right.

However, one CAN, apparently, use epoxy resin and fiberglass/or carbon fiber to make chanters! According to an article written in 2001 and posted on the yahoo groups page.

The basic premise seems to be to make a wax mold of the chanter cone and build up the resin to make a conical bored chanter.

Has anyone done this? I don't have ANY wood turning skills and would still love to say I made a GHB chanter.

I need at the very minimum, pdf plans for a well loved chanter in the GHB community. or even just a warnock band chanter to mimic for the purposes of dimensions. I am very willing to document my progress via youtube over the next 2 weeks if you are willing to help.

Anyways, if there is a profile page I'm going to fill it out now... this project had me so excited I had to post first!!! Laughing


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Hi folks, I'm stuffmaker Empty Re: Hi folks, I'm stuffmaker

Post  Smjprogrammer on Sun Oct 30, 2011 9:41 pm

My Pipe Chanter at the solo end of the bore is 13/16" and has a perfect taper down to 9/64". The taper length is 13". and the Chanter length is 14 1/4". Throat length from the end of the taper is 19/32". Now use the reamer in the link to give the reed a seat just make sure there is some throat left when you are done. Otherwise, you are going to be starting all over. Most likely reaming just before you hit the 19/32” mark would be ideal.

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