Making and Playing Bagpipes
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Double SSP

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Double SSP Empty Double SSP

Post  Stu Thu Nov 10, 2011 9:22 pm

I'm thinking about making a double chanter ssp for my next project. Now that I have some time to make something for myself. tentatively with a single C drone.

Any hints or pitfalls to avoid, rather than run straight into them myself?

IE, what is best to leave open as the leading note? A or G? etc.



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Double SSP Empty Re: Double SSP

Post  Yuri Fri Nov 11, 2011 11:29 pm

Have you seen this?
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I know about it because I made the bag, but that's not the point. What this guy did is simply selecting two off-the-shelf Gibson Fireside chanters, spending about 2 hours going through dozens (literally, about 40 or so) reeds, and finally settling on two that played in tune with each other. No drone, though. The left chanter's little finger hole closes all the notes below, and for SSPs I think it's the most logical solution. For other fingerings not necessarily. My own double chanters, open fingering, chromatic, overlap on the F/G notes (the chanters are in C, that is the lower one's lowest note is C.) The drones can be D/A or a lower G/D. (Three drones altogether, two playing at any one time.)

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