Anyone making taylor bore chanters?

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Anyone making taylor bore chanters? Empty Anyone making taylor bore chanters?

Post  Bob Salter on Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:16 am

Ive made the Shannon Taylor chanter from the David Quinn cds but am having trouble reeding it. The only thing that had any degree of succcess was a flat reed for a c chanter. Not great though. Is anyone here making taylor bores and could they share reed data please.


I think you may be on your own on this one Bob. It takes a lot of patience to make your own reamers as your are doing, so I wouldn't expect many folks are as patient as you are Very Happy . I have though about having a custom reamer made from those specs from Quinn's Disk or the Sean Reid Disks, but I haven't had enough feedback from people actually playing chanters based on these bores to gamble spending the money to have a custom reamer made. I use one single, straight tapered reamer, to make C, B, Bb chanters, and tenor and baritone regs. All with one reamer. Seth
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